E-tim smart retail white paper

The E-tim Foundation is an independent institution based in the SGP




There is no perfect currency in reality; under the conditions of the network economy, when the scenesof economic activities and transactions start to approach the mathematical environment, a perfect currencywill appear; digital currency is part of it. Digital currency will become a long-term trend currency. E-Tim will establish a global peer-to-peer consumer payment network, providing digital currency storage and national currency exchange services; users can instantly transfer, collect and pay by sending messages in the community chain new retail without poundage, and let the global currency flow based on E-Tim. Such an ecological chain based on Blockchain technology, combined with the community chain new retail platform + E-Tim token, its market prospects are self-evident.

Block Explorer

Non-tamperable ledger
Development Plan

January 2018

Project planning started
Blockchain Technology and Product Demand Survey

February 2018

Team complement
Determined the system architecture

March 2018

Project product version finalization
Completed the underlying architecturedevelopment

April 2018

Completed the transaction basic function
Complete the advertising system

May 2018

Completed community, IM system
Started the internal test
Launched the first batch of large-scale operator training

June 2018

Started marketing
Launched product, opened registration

August 2018

To issue and launch Token ET based on Ethereum

Q2 in 2019

To get in operation, product iteration planning

Q1 in 2019

Start mass marketing(seller+buyer+traffic businesses)

Q2 in 2019

To launch internal test of E-Tim point-to-point e-commerce system
To launch product and open registration


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